Department of Anthropology

I am an archaeologist interested in the evolution of political complexity in ancient western North America.

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures; Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Hans Barnard MD PhD is Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures as well as Assistant Researcher at the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology.

Vice Chair of Anthropology
Department of Art History

Professor Brown's areas of research include both India and Southeast Asia, and he particularly studies the Indian influences on and relationships with early Southeast Asian art, culture, and religion.

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC)

Aaron Burke's interests and publications range from studies of warfare in the ancient Near East, to Egyptian imperialism in Canaan, historical biblical archaeology, and Amorite society and economy during the second millennium BC. 

Department of Germanic Languages, Scandinavian Section

The Mosfell Archaeological Project is an interdisciplinary research project employing the tools of history, archaeology, anthropology, forensics, environmental sciences, and saga studies.

Chair, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC)
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC)
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC)
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC) and Director, Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative
Professor, Neuropsychiatric - Semel Institute and The Department of Psychiatry & Biobehavioral Sciences, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

The technique of mass spectrometry is used for the structural determination and quantification of a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds. The unique power of the technique comes from the accuracy with which molecular weights of molecules can be measured.

Department of Architecture and Urban Design
Department of Art History
Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering; Chair, UCLA/Getty Conservation Interdepartmental Degree Program; Director Archaeomaterials Group
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology and Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

I teach graduate seminar in archaeology theories and several undergraduate courses on anthropological archaeology and ancient civilizations of China. These classes are offered through Anthropology, Asian Languages and Cultures, and Interdepartmental Program of Archaeology.

Department of Classics

Professor McDonnell is an archaeologist interested in various aspects of ancient world, particularly the material culture and archaeology of the Roman Empire. She co-directed field excavations in Italy, and excavated across the Roman Empire.

Department of Art History and Center for Japanese
Classics, Archaeology (Steinmetz Professor of Classical Archaeology and Material Culture)

Sarah Morris' training and research involve the interaction of Greece with its Eastern neighbors, in art, literature, religion and culture.

Associate Professor of Arts of the Americas, Department of Art History

Stella Nair has conducted fieldwork in Bolivia, Mexico, Peru and the U.S. Midwest, with ongoing projects in the South Central Andes.

Chair, Department of Classics

Professor Papadopoulos has excavated widely in Australia, both on Aboriginal and historic sites, and in Greece, Italy and, most recently, Albania.

Department of Information Studies and Conservation Program
Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology

My research focuses on transformations in leadership and social structure in ancient farming societies.

Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC) and Kershaw Chair of Ancient Eastern Mediterranean Studies
Department of Art History and Conservation Program
Department of Anthropology

Research on Cities Past and Present

Professor, Department of Anthropology; Director, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Charles Stanish is Director of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology and Professor of Anthropology at UCLA. He has worked extensively in Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, conducting archaeological research on the prehistoric societies of the region.

Professor of Architectural History, Department of Art History
Department of Art History and Associate Director, Cotsen Institute

Since 1999, Professor von Falkenhausen has served as the American co-PI of the ongoing UCLA-Peking University Joint Project on Landscape Archaeology and Ancient Salt Production in the Sichuan Region.

Assistant Adjunct Professor, Department of Anthropology; Director of the Zooarchaeology Lab
Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures (NELC)

Since 2002 field work concentrates on the Fayum oasis, a cooperation between UCLA and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG).