About Us

Cotsen Institute of ArchaeologyThe Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA is a premier research organization dedicated to the creation, dissemination, and conservation of archaeological knowledge and heritage. The Cotsen Institute is home to both the Interdepartmental Archaeology Program and the UCLA/Getty Program in Archaeological and Ethnographic Conservation. It provides a forum for innovative faculty research, graduate education, and public programs at UCLA in an effort to impact positively the academic, local and global communities. The Cotsen Institute is at the forefront of archaeological research, education, conservation and publication and is an active contributor to interdisciplinary research at UCLA.

Message from the Director

It has been another banner year for the Cotsen Institute. As the end of the year approaches, it is nice to look back on 2014 as we prepare for the future. Our affiliated graduate programs in Archaeology and Conservation took in one of the most talented groups of young people ever.  We are now beyond competitive with our peer institutions in recruiting and signing up the best students in the world.  Our Ph.D. graduates are doing extremely well. Our research efforts push forward with projects on five continents. Our support from the community grows. We are all proud of these successes.

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