Architecture Lab

Site Plan, Chinchero, Peru (Stella Nair)

Architecture Lab: Room A332
Faculty Director: Stella Nair
Research Associate/Lab Manager: Paul Burtenshaw
Lab Coordinator: Sergio Alarcon Robledo
Graduate Students: Sergio Alarcon RobledoGeorgi KyorlenskiAJ Meyer

The Architecture Lab is directed by Stella Nair, Associate Professor of Indigenous Arts of the Americas in the Department of Art History. Nair was trained as an architect and architectural historian and, she specializes in the study of materials, construction technology, and spatial practices. 

The focus of the lab is on architectural design, construction, materials, and conservation. Her graduate students conduct research in the facilities. Current projects include Inca, Egyptian and Aztec architecture, and community focused conservation projects. 


Metal Tools for flattening a stone (Stella Nair)

Machu Picchu, Peru (Stella Nair)