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Samuel Vivian Connell


Ph.D., UCLA, 2000

Fax: 310-206-4723
E-mail: connellsamuel@foothill.edu

Mailing Address:

Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
308 Charles E Young Dr. North
A210 Fowler Building/Box 951510
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1510

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Professor, Foothill College

Research Interests

Complex societies in Latin America focusing on regional integration in eastern Mesoamerica and the northern Andes. Set to start a new research project in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

Research Summary

The Pambamarca Archaeological Project is investigating the sequence of occupation and activity at the Pambamarca pucaraes (fortresses) in highland Ecuador, an hour north of Quito. Located on and around the equatorial line, our work concentrates on mapping and excavating structures inside the forts. Probably because of its critical geographic location along a main route to the Amazon basin, the Pambamarca zone contains the largest concentration of prehispanic forts in the New World. Previous years of investigation by our project have shown that there are two types of fortresses, intrusive Inka and local indigenous Cayambe, and that the fortresses are arranged along either side of a bitterly contested frontier. There is evidence for warfare everywhere. At many of the fortresses we have found caches of stones used for pelting the enemy. Our aim is uncover the differences between the Inka and Cayambe warfare tactics, and identify the remnants of Inca roads. What made the Cayambe very successful at resisting the Inka when the rest of South American fell so quickly? The two decade period of resistance is exceptionally interesting anthropologically, especially as we try to make sense of increasing resistance to globalization in our own times.

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