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  • CONNELL, SAMUEL VIVIAN - connellsamuel@foothill.edu
    Assistant Professor (Ph.D., UCLA, 2000)
    Professor, Foothill College
    Research Interests: Complex societies in Latin America focusing on regional integration in eastern Mesoamerica and the northern Andes. Set to start a new research project in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
  • FARAHANI, ALAN - alanfarahani@ucla.edu
    (Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2014)
    Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research Interests: Paleoethnobotany, Historic Southwest Asia and Eastern Mediterranean, Ancient Agriculture, Data Analysis and Visualization (R and GIS), Environmental Archaeology, Historical Ecology, Long-term socio-ecological change and political dynamics, History of Archaeology, Philosophy of Science, Linguistics
  • HALLSTROM, JENNY - jhallstrom@ucla.edu
    (Ph.D., Lund University, Sweden, 2008)
    Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar, UCLA/Getty Conservation Program
    Research Interests: Non-invasive multispectral imaging and spectroscopic techniques for documentation, monitoring and diagnosis of movable and immovable objects
  • HARROWER, MICHAEL - mharrower@ucla.edu
    (Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2006)
    Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow
    Research Interests: Long-term social change from the beginnings of agriculture through the rise and decline of ancient states across Southern Arabia and the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Yemen, Oman), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, satellite remote sensing, ethnoarchaeology, ancient irrigation.
  • PAK, YANGJIN PETER - yjpak@cnu.ac.kr
    (Ph.D., Harvard University, 1995)
    Visiting Researcher (2008-9) and Professor, Department of Archaeology, Chungnam National University, Republic of Korea
    Research Interests: Northeast Asian archaeology
    (Ph.D., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1990)
    Visiting Scholar (Winter 2009) and Professor, Department of Archaeology, Haifa University
    Research Interests: In his capacity as a Senior Archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority, together with Eli Shukron, he has co-directed excavations in the oldest part of Jerusalem, known as the City of David, since 1995. He has published numerous articles on Second Temple Period archaeology in Jerusalem and Israel, and is also known for his co-edited volume on The Architecture of Ancient Israel. During Winter 2009 he will be presenting a series of four public lectures on Recent Advancements in the Archaeology of Jerusalem.
    Assistant Professor ()

    Research Interests:
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