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  • ARBUCKLE, CAROLINE JOAN - carbuckle@ucla.edu

    Research Interest:
  • BONGERS, JACOB - jacob.bongers.89@gmail.com

    Research Interest:
  • CAMPBELL, ROSELYN ANNE - roselyncampbell@gmail.com
    (MA Anthropology, University of Montana (The Uninscribed Tombs in the Valley of the Kings)) Subfield: IDP
    Research Interest: bioarchaeology; Egyptian archaeology; mortuary archaeology; forensic anthropology
  • CARLSON, EVAN ANDERS - eacarlsn@ucla.edu
    (C.Phil in Archaeology, UCLA (2013) MA in Anthropology, Columbia University (2010) BA in Classical and Near Eastern Civilizations, Greek, and Computer Science, Creighton University (2008)) Subfield: Near Eastern Archaeology
    Research Interest: My research concerns the structure and dynamics of newly founded territorial capitals in late 2nd Millennium BC Iraq and Iran, the settlement systems related to these capitals, and how these cities and settlement systems compare to earlier cities and city-states in the region.
  • CHEW, KATHRYN - chewk@ucla.edu
    (M.A. Archaeology 2013, UCLA. Thesis: "Memory in the Making: The Diachronic Tensions of Architecture and Archaism in Third Intermediate Period Asasif".) Subfield: IDP; Egyptology, Digital Humanities
    Research Interest: Landscape Archaeology, Phenomenology, Memory, 3D Digital Modeling, Photogrammetric Modeling, Digital Humanities, Archaeological Media Presence & Interactivity
  • CHYKERDA, CHRISTOPHER MYLES - mchykerda@shaw.ca
    Subfield: IDP
    Research Interest:
  • DAMM, JACOB CARL - j.c.damm@gmail.com

    Research Interest:
  • DOLPH, BRITTANY HELEN - brittany.dolph@gmail.com
    (BA Anthropology, State University of New York at Buffalo, 2006) Subfield: Conservation
    Research Interest: archaeological conservation; conservation of megalithic stone; portable non-invasive analytical techniques Thesis: An Evaluation of Ethyl Silicate-Based Grouts for Weathered Siliceous Stones
  • EHRICH, RICHARD - might.be.richard@gmail.com

    Research Interest:
  • FLEMING, CHELSEY QUINNE - cqf201@gmail.com

    Research Interest:
  • FUENTES, AYESHA - ayesha.fuentes@gmail.com
    (2014 MA in Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials, UCLA/Getty Conservation Training Program 2011 MA in Art History, Tufts University 2003 BA in Art/Religion, Williams College) Subfield: Conservation
    Research Interest: Human remains; Arts and monuments of South and Central Asia; Social history of conservation; Cultural heritage management in post-conflict regions
  • GRISWOLD, GENEVA J - geneva.griswold@gmail.com
    (BA Art History and Hispanic Studies, Scripps College MA Art History, Courtauld Institute of Art MA Program in the Conservation of Ethnographic and Archaeological Material, UCLA-Getty)
    Research Interest: Research interests include the treatment of painted or decorative surfaces, architectural elements, and preventive conservation methods.
  • GUPTA-AGARWAL, SONALI - sonaliga@ucla.edu
    (Archaeology Program, UCLA, M.A. Archaeology, 2009 Thesis: "Learning from learning: Cultural transmission and the impetus behind consumer demand using ceramics-Karanis: a case study" Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, India LL.B., 2001 Department of History, University of Delhi, India M.A. History, 1998 Ancient Indian History & Archaeology. Hansraj College, University of Delhi, India B.A. History (Hons), 1996 National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation & Museum studies. New Delhi, India Course:India: Art & Culture, 1997 & Art Appreciation, 1995 ) Subfield: Egyptian Archaeology, Cultural Transmission, Anthropology, Greco-Roman period
    Research Interest: Egyptian Archaeology: Greco Roman period Indian Archaeology: Early Historic period Encyclopedia of Egyptology: Editorial assistant, 2008-2010 Courses Taught: Winter 2009, TA: Classics: Roman Art & Archaeology Spring 2009, TA: Anthropology: Introduction to archaeology Spring 2011, TA: Classics: Greek Art & Archaeology Fall 2011, TA: Art History: Ancient Art Winter 2012, TA: Medieval Art Spring 2012, TA: South Asian & South East Asian Art Spring 2012, TA: NELC: Egyptian Religion Reader: UCLA, Los Angeles: Anthro 114P, Mesoamerican Archaeology, Winter, 2012 Anthro 116A, Archaeology of South Asia, Spring 2011 Anthro 116A, Archaeology of South Asia, Spring 2010 Anthro 8, Introduction to Archaeology, Summer 2009
  • HILL, KEVIN BASSETT - kbhill@ucla.edu

    Research Interest:
  • HSIEH, ELLEN - ellenhsieh9999@gmail.com
    Subfield: IDP
    Research Interest:
  • JOHNSTON, CHRISTINE LEIGH - cljohnston@ucla.edu
    (C.Phil, Archaeology, UCLA 2013, Dissertation Title: Networks and Intermediaries: Exchange Communities in Late Bronze Age Mediterranean; M.A. Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, University of British Columbia 2010; B.Comm. Marketing, Finance, University of British Columbia 2006.) Subfield: Archaeology
    Research Interest: Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age Mediterranean Archaeology; Network Analysis; Economic Anthropology; Ceramic Analysis; Trade Systems and Cross-cultural Influence
  • JONES, TERRAH - temjones@ucla.edu

    Research Interest:
  • KALRA, KANIKA - kanikak@ucla.edu
    (MA Archaeology, UCLA Spring 2011; MA History, University of Delhi 2006 ) Subfield: South Asia
    Research Interest: Archaeology of Medieval South Asia; surface surveys; ceramic analysis; landscape archaeology; texts and archaeology.
  • KONTONICOLAS, MARYANN - mkontonicolas@ucla.edu
    (M.A. Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean & Middle East, University College London, 2013; B.A. Classical Archaeology, University College London, 2012) Subfield: IDP
    Research Interest: East Mediterranean archaeology, archaeological and anthropological theory and method, pathways to complexity, institutional change, mortuary practices, ritual behavior, the politics of the past.
  • LA FAVRE, KARL JEFFREY - klafavre@ucla.edu
    (BA University of Chicago 2007, MA UCLA 2011)
    Research Interest: Lake Titicaca, relationships between Andes and Amazonia, politics, settlement patterns, architecture, computational methods, digital publication
  • LAU, HANNAH KWAI-YUNG - hannah.lau@ucla.edu
    (C.Phil 2013 Archaeology, University of California-Los Angeles MA 2011 Archaeology, University of California-Los Angeles BA 2009 Anthropology and History, University of Pennsylvania ) Subfield: Zooarchaeology, Near Eastern Archaeology, Caucasian Archaeology, Isotopic Analyses
    Research Interest: Near East, Anatolia and the Southern Caucasus, Emergent Political Complexity, Zooarchaeology and its implications for reconstructing political economy and historical ecology, Economic Anthropology,
  • LEE, HSIU-PING - leehsiuping@ucla.edu

    Research Interest:
  • LEHNER, JOSEPH (SEPPI) W. - jwlehner@ucla.edu
    (C.Phil 2011 Archaeology, University of California-Los Angeles MA 2009 Archaeology, University of California-Los Angeles BS 2006 Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison) Subfield: Archaeology
    Research Interest: Near East, Anatolia and Central Asia, economic anthropology, social history of technology and economy, network structure, large political systems, archaeological sciences
  • MAHONY, CAITLIN CAROL - caitlinmahony@gmail.com

    Research Interest:
  • MALLINCKRODT, CATHERINE SCOTT - cmallinckrodt@mac.com

    Research Interest:
  • MARTIROSYAN-OLSHANSKY, KRISTINE - kristineolsh@yahoo.com
    (M.A. in Archaeology (UCLA 2012) B.A. Classical Language and Literature (UCSB 2008) Russian Language and Literature (UCSB 2008)) Subfield: Prehistoric Archaeology of the Caucasus and the Near East, Lithic Studies, Social Complexity, Economic Anthropology
    Research Interest:
  • MOY, RACHEL - rachelmmoy@gmail.com

    Research Interest:
  • NEIMAN, MADELEINE KEGELMAN - madeleineneiman@yahoo.com

    Research Interest:
  • NIGRA, BENJAMIN T. - bennigra@gmail.com
    (B.A. University of Chicago, 2009) Subfield: IDP
    Research Interest: Andean Archaeology; Paracas; evolution of cooperation; development of social complexity
  • NORTH, ALEXIS E - alexisnorth@ucla.edu
    (B.A. New York University, Double Major: Anthropology and Classics (2006)) Subfield: Conservation of archaeological and ethnographic materials
    Research Interest: Conservation and storage of human remains, Greek/Roman/Late Antique archaeology, mortuary traditions, imaging and documentation techniques. Thesis: The Use of Hydroxyapatite as an Inorganic Consolidant for Archaeological Bone and Calcified Tissue
  • SALWEN, STEPHANIE ANNE - ssalwen@ucla.edu
    (MA 2010, Archaeology, University of California, LA. BA 2007, Anthropology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. ) Subfield: IDP
    Research Interest: North American archaeology, California, Great Lakes Region, hunter-gatherers and foundations of complex society, economic anthropology, exchange systems, waterways and landscape archaeology.
  • SHI, TAO - stoneshitaotao@ucla.edu

    Research Interest:
  • SNEED, DEBBY - deborah.sneed@ucla.edu
    (M.A. Classics, University of Colorado, Boulder, 2013; B.A. English/History, University of Wyoming, 2009)
    Research Interest: Classical archaeology; domesticity, daily life, and disability in ancient Greece
  • STAPLETON, LYSSA - lstapleton@ucla.edu
    (MA, 2008 University of California, Los Angeles Thesis Title: "Married to death: grave goods and social status at the Lofknd tumulus".) Subfield: Eastern European Prehistory
    Research Interest: Cultural heritage law, ancient textiles, museum studies, mortuary ritual and material culture, gender and archaeology.
  • TZADIK, CARINNE CHAVA - ctzadik@ucla.edu

    Research Interest:
  • VAN DAMME, TREVOR MATTHEW - trevvd@ucla.edu
    (C.Phil. 2014, Archaeology, UCLA. Dissertation project: "Life After the Palaces: Collapse, Consumption, and Household Resilience in the Late Helladic IIIC Aegean" M.A. 2012, Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria. Thesis title: "Remembering the Mycenaeans: How the Ancient Greeks Repurposed their Prehistoric Past" B.A.Hons. 2010, Greek and Roman Studies, University of Victoria) Subfield: IDP
    Research Interest: Bronze Age Aegean archaeology; Archaeological ceramics; Archaeology of memory; Boeotian studies.
  • WEN, CHENGHAO - wchenghaopku@gmail.com

    Research Interest:
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