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Marianna Nikolaidou

Associated researcher



Marianna Nikolaidou studied archaeology, history, art history, and classics in Greece and in England, and received a Ph.D. in Archaeology from the University of Thessaloniki (1995). She has taught archaeology, classics, and gender studies at UCLA Extension and at California State University Los Angeles, and she is a certified teacher of Ancient and Modern Greek. Her fieldwork and publications encompass Aegean prehistory, early Greek history, and the early history of the Levant. Research interests focus on religion and symbolism, iconography, technology with an emphasis on ceramics, adornment, feminism and gender studies, and the history of archaeology. She has co-authored a book on Archaeology and Gender: Approaches to Aegean Prehistory (1993), co-edited a volume on Spondylus in Prehistory: Contributions to the Archaeology of Prehistoric Shell Technologies (2011), and contributed chapters on adornment, miniatures, and a contextual commentary in Prehistoric Sitagroi: Excavations in Northeast Greece, 1968-1970. Volume 2: The Final Report (UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Publications, 2003). Other publications include two review articles on Aegean women and gender (2012, 2013), articles on Greek archaeology in times of dictatorship (2004) and the history of Greek women in archaeology (1998), studies on religious symbolism in Minoan art and script (1998, 1999, 2016), and a forthcoming work on rites of transition in Aegean art. Her current research at the CIOA includes the technological analysis and publication of Chalcolithic and Bronze Age pottery from the palatial site of Tell Mozan, Syria; and the study and publication of Neolithic, Bronze Age, and Early Iron Age pottery—with additional petrographic analysis under planning—from the coastal settlement and cemetery at ancient Methone, Northern Greece.