STEPHEN ACABADO co-authors “Indigenous Archaeology in the Philippines”

Stephen Acabado, associate professor of anthropology, director of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, and the incoming chair of the Archaeology program of the Cotsen Institute, is one of the co-authors of Indigenous Archaeology in the Philippines: Decolonizing Ifugao History,” together with Marlon Martin. This book was published by the University of Arizona Press in April and highlights how collaborative archaeology and indigenous knowledge among the Ifugao contested enduring colonial narratives. The authors explain how the Ifugao made decisions and undertook strategies that benefited them during colonial times. The archaeological record shows how the Ifugao successfully resisted the Spanish conquest and subsequently accommodated American empire building. This book illustrates how descendant communities can take control of their history and heritage through active collaboration with archaeologists. Drawing on the experiences in the Cordillera region of the Philippines, the authors demonstrate how changing historical narratives facilitate empowering peoples who are traditionally ignored in national histories.