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Backdirt: Annual Review, which began as a newsletter in 1973, is the magazine of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology that highlights the recent news, research and activities of the Cotsen Institute. The Cotsen Institute Press publishes the annual magazine each spring.

Backdirt is on Scribd and Academia.edu! Our current and older issues are available on these popular digital libraries as well.


Backdirt 2014

2014 Issue

  • Recent awards and honors
  • The Tin Problem Reconsidered: Recent Archaeometallurgical Research on the Anatolian Plateau
  • Exploring Ancient Pastoral Mobility through Stable Isotope Analysis: A Case Study from Kenya
  • Prehistoric Urban Archaeology in the Americas: A View from Cusco, Peru
  • Researcher's Notebook
  • And much more! download PDF

Backdirt 2013 Cover

2013 Issue

  • Reminiscences of directors
  • 40th Anniversary Exclusive
  • From Clay to Milk in Mediterranean Prehistory: Tracking a Special Vessel
  • Looting: Another Phase in the Social History of a Pre-Hispanic Cemetery in Southern Peru
  • Reports from the field
  • And much more! download PDF
 Backdirt 2012 cover

2012 Issue

  • Five featured articles
  • Reflections on past achievements
  • Reports from the field
  • Community conversation: interviews with Charles Steinmetz and James Mallory
  • Photo essay: Journals of an Armchair Archaeologist
  • And much more! download PDF
 Backdirt 2011 cover

2011 Issue

  • Record-Breaking Discoveries in Armenia
  • Lloyd Cotsen's Gift to the People of China
  • Reflections on the Life of Francois Bordes
  • Metallurgy and Ecological Change in the Ancient Near East
  • The New Archaeological Travel Program of the Cotsen Institute
  • And much more! download PDF
 Backdirt 2010 cover
2010 Issue
  • The Sustainable Preservation Initiative
  • Live and Times of H.B. Nicholson
  • Risk and Agriculture in Ancient Anatolia
  • Field School student reflections
  • And much more! download PDF

 Backdirt 2009 cover

2009 Issue

  • A Monumental Task on Easter Island
  • Archaeology of the Confucian Landscape
  • Exploring Opportunities in South America
  • Empires of Diversity in Ancient Iran
  • Metal and Landscape in Ancient Anatolia
  • And much more! download PDF

 B ackdirt 2008 cover.jpg
2008 Issue

  • Returning to a Great Excavation of the Past: A New Joint Project in Armenia
  • The Mundane Extremes of Tarapaca: Northern Chile, 2007 Season
  • Cotsen Staff Chile Trip
  • Investigating a Forgotten Port: The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project
  • Life and Death at Domuztepe in the Sixth Millenium BC
  • And much more! download PDF

 Backdirt 2007
2007 Issue

  • Extreme Archaeology: Research in the Tarapaca Valley, Northern Chile
  • Between Heaven and Hell in Ancient Urkesh
  • A Cultural Heritage Center in the Desert
  • Celebrating 40 Years of Contributions and Activities
  • And much more! download PDF

For questions regarding subscriptions and submissions, e-mail the Cotsen Institute Press.

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