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Publishing with the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Dedicated to the timely preparation of reasonably priced volumes that emphasize primary research data and its interpretation, we offer a variety of incentives to authors and volume editors:

  • Technical advancements in our production facilities and close liaison with our authors result in fast turnaround of publications without sacrificing peer review.
  • Experienced editorial staff and concentration on archaeological topics result in top-quality book design at affordable prices.
  • Tailored marketing approaches of direct mail, conference exhibits, reviews in appropriate journals, distribution by the University of New Mexico Press through catalogue mailings to individuals and booksellers, and efficient order fulfillment result in volume promotion to the segment of the book market vital to the volume.

Editorial Focus

Currently active research focus are:

  • Andean South America
  • California and the western U.S.
  • Egypt
  • Mesoamerica
  • Prehistoric Europe and the Mediterranean
  • Southwest Asia

Volumes are organized into series that reflect the nature of their contents: Monumenta Archaeologica contains final reports of significant field research, presented in hardcover format; Monographs focus on contributions in synthetic field research and current issues in archaeological method and theory; Cotsen Advanced Seminars are the published results of Cotsen Institute sponsored seminars, where scholars explore cross-disciplinary themes in conferences periodically sponsored by the Cotsen Institute; Ideas, Debates, and Perspectives offers a forum to address theoretical and practical issues of concern to contemporary archaeology; World Heritage and Monuments highlights major archaeological sites and monuments around the globe and seeks to preserve their unique cultural contributions through scholarly documentation and publication; Perspectives in California Archaeology presents substantive and theoretical topics focusing on archaeological research in California; Archaeological Research Tools presents manuals covering specific topics of practi­cal interest to archaeological research.

An Editorial Board composed of distinguished UCLA faculty guides the acquisitions of the Cotsen Institute Press. Editorial Board members review book proposals [.pdf] and express interest in reviewing the manuscript if the manuscript appears to fit our list. When the manuscript is received it is peer reviewed by two scholars in the appropriate field. Based on the recommendations of the reviewers, the Editorial Board issues the final decision on the publication of the proposed manuscript. If accepted for publication, the manuscript is revised and submitted for production.  Our production schedule is efficient and effective, averaging 6-10 months.

How to Submit a Manuscript

Before submitting a manuscript proposal, please review our current publications to see whether it fits our list. For your manuscript to be considered by the Editorial Board a book proposal must be submitted according to our guidelines. If you are interested in preparing and submitting a book proposal, please review the document to guide you through the proposal process. We encourage all authors to contact us before submitting a proposal.

Other Useful Guidelines

Publishing with the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology [.pdf]

Preparing a Manuscript for Publication [.pdf]

Preparing Illustrations for Publication [.pdf]

Preparing References for Publication [.pdf]

Checklist for Submitting a Manuscript [.pdf]


Requesting Permission

It is the policy of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press to grant permission to authors requesting the use of images and short text excerpts from our books in scholarly publications, journal articles, and dissertations, without charge.

Use in commercial or general trade publications, such as textbooks, may require a fee for use, and will be determined by individual assessment.

To request permission, please fill out this form and send it to ioapubs@ioa.ucla.edu.

The expected print run of the publication can be estimated.


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