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Prehistoric Sitagroi

by Amanda Kimura last modified November 16, 2012 03:58 PM
Prehistoric Sitagroi
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Prehistoric Sitagroi

Edited by Ernestine S. Elster and Colin Renfrew

Volume 2 presents the concluding research on Sitagroi, a prehistoric settlement mound in northeastern Greece, excavated between 1968 and 1970. This volume offers a detailed report on the plant remains along with a full treatment of craft and technology: artifacts of adornment; tools of bone and flaked stone; artifacts and tools of bone and ground and polished stone (and petrology); tools of the spinner, weaver and mat maker; pottery technology; metallurgy; and special clay finds such as seals, miniatures, and utensils. This rich presentation offers unparalleled insights into the life of the prehistoric inhabitants of the area. Sitagroi now becomes one of the most comprehensively published sites from prehistoric Europe and will be indispensable for all those concerned with European prehistory.

“The Sitagroi project is a heritage from a past archaeological era, a successful heritage due to the high quality of the material analyses accomplished, and the conclusive discussion presented in this substantial volume.”

– Nikos Efstratiou, American Journal of Archaeology 2005(109):292-293.


ISBN: 1-931745-03-x

Publication Date: 2003

Series: Monumenta Archaeologica 20

Publisher: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Price: US $19.98

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