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Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexity

by Amanda Kimura last modified November 19, 2012 01:54 PM
Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexity

Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexity

Edited by Gyles Iannone and Samuel V. Connell

Settlement archaeology in the Maya area has focussed much of its attention on the polar extremes of the settlement continuum. As a result of this urban/rural bias, a whole range of complex rural settlements remain underexplored. The chapters in this volume highlight the variable quality of these "middle level settlements." The authors also grapple with the possible social implications of such diversity. The contrasting opinions that result are partially reflective of different scales of analysis and of opposing theoretical perspectives. They are also indicative of the fact that our current models for ancient Maya sociopolitical and socioeconomic organization do not accommodate the range of variability exhibited by sites of this size and complexity. In sum, research into the social implications of rural complexity, as exemplified by the analyses presented in this volume, has forced a critical reevaluation of how we view ancient Maya society.

Subjects: Ancient Maya

ISBN: 1-931745-06-4

Publication Date: 2003

Series: Monograph 49

Publisher: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Price: US $9.98

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