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Yeki bud, yeki nabud

by Amanda Kimura last modified May 13, 2015 09:29 AM
Yeki bud, yeki nabud

Yeki bud, yeki nabud

Edited by Naomi F. Miller and Kamyar Abdi

This volume is a collection of essays by colleagues, friends, and students of William M. Sumner in appreciation of his outstanding contribution to Iranian archaeology, especially to our archaeological knowledge of Fars, a center of Iranian civilization.


"This volume is a major contribution to the history (broadly defined) of ancient Iran, a testament to Bill Sumner's wide-ranging influence and the high regard in which he is held by students an colleagues. The twenty-seven articles constitute an eclectic mix, on the surface at lest, but are bound together by the focal point of Sumner's own contributions to the field of Iranian studies."

— Matthew Waters, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire Journal of the American Oriental Society 125.1 (2005)

“…the first comprehensive publication on Iranian archaeology since Frank Hole’s 1987 collection of articles The Archaeology of Western Iran…this collection of essays is a timely reminder of the present state and requirements of Iranian archaeology.”

– Gabriele Puschnigg, Journal of Field Archaeology 2002-2004(29):245-246.

Subjects: Iranian Archaeology

ISBN: 1-931745-05-6

Publication Date: 2003

Series: Monograph 48

Publisher: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

Price: US $19.98

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