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Prehistory of Agriculture

by Amanda Kimura last modified November 19, 2012 01:51 PM
Prehistory of Agriculture

Prehistory of Agriculture

Edited by Patricia C. Anderson

Prehistory of Agriculture is a major landmark in the progress of knowledge about the earliest domesticated plants, the nature of the earliest farming economies, and the technology created by ancient human groups for collecting, cultivating, storing, and processing these plants,” declares Patty Jo Watson in her foreword to this revised and updated version of a volume originally published in 1992. In twenty-eight chapters, the authors describe prehistoric plants, domestication process, and harvesting techniques, tools, and technology in the period preceding and following the appearance of agriculture in human history some ten thousand years ago. It covers primarily southwestern Asia and southeast Europe but includes articles on Australia, America, Africa, and western Europe. Many of the chapters have been revised and others include recent postscripts on new research or evidence.

Subjects: Agriculture, domestication, planting, early cultivation, crop assemblage, early agricultural techniques

ISBN: 0-917956-93-1

Publication Date: 1999

Series: Monograph 40

Publisher: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology


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