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Andean Civilization

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Andean CivilizationAndean Civilization: A Tribute to Michael E Moseley

Edited by Joyce Marcus and Patrick Ryan Williams

ISBN: 978-1-931745-54-3 (cloth), 978-1-931745-53-6 (paper)
Publication Date: July 2009
Series: Monograph 63
Price: US $40 cloth, $20 paper
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This volume brings together exciting new field data by more than two dozen Andean scholars who came together to honor their friend, colleague, and mentor.

These new studies cover the enormous temporal span of Moseley’s own work from the Preceramic era to the Tiwanaku and Moche states to the Inka empire.  And, like Moseley’s own studies — from Maritime Foundations of Andean Civilization to Chan Chan: The Desert City to Cerro Bául’s brewery — these new studies involve settlements from all over the Andes — from the far northern highlands to the far southern coast.

An invaluable addition to any Andeanist’s library, the papers in this book demonstrate the enormous breadth and influence of Moseley’s work and the vibrant range of exciting new work by his former students and collaborators in fieldwork.

Contributors to the volume are:

Mark Aldenderfer, Garth Bawden, Jane E. Buikstra, Alana Cordy-Collins, R. Alan Covey, Susan D. deFrance, Christopher B. Donnan, Robert A. Feldman, Paul S. Goldstein, María Cecilia Lozada, Carol Mackey, Joyce Marcus, Donna J. Nash, Bruce D. Owen, Gordon Rakita, Richard Reycraft, Prudence M. Rice, James B. Richardson III, Daniel H. Sandweiss, Ruth Shady Solís, Charles Stanish, Richard C. Sutter, John R. Topic, Theresa Lange Topic, Jane C. Wheeler, and Patrick Ryan Williams

Separate chapter PDFs available for purchase at cotsenpress.directfrompublisher.com

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