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Archaeology of the Chinese Bronze Age: From Erlitou to Anyang

 Visions of Tiwanaku

Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology-2 
The Dead Tell Tales: Essays in Honor of Jane E. Buikstra

The Stones of Tiahuanaco: A Study of Architecture and Construction

Rock Art at Little Lake: An Ancient Crossroads in the California Desert

The History of the Peoples of the Eastern Desert Crucible of Pueblos: The Early Pueblo Period in the Northern Southwest


Chotuna and Chornancap: Excavating an Ancient Peruvian Legend

An Investigation into Early Desert Pastoralism: Excavations at the Camel Site, Negev

The Chanka: Archaeological Research in Andahuaylas (Apurimac), Peru

MO 79

MO 78

MO 77

MO 76

MO 75

MO 74

MO 73

MO 71

MO 70

MO 69

MO 68


Vranich & Stanish

Vranich & Levine

Lozada & O'Donnabhain

Protzen & Nair

Van Tilburg, Hull & Bretney

Barnard & Duistermaat

Wilshusen, Schachner & Allison



Bauer, Kellett, & Silva






$59 cloth
$35 paper



$75 cloth
$45 paper

$69.95 cloth
$39.95 paper

$95 cloth 
$65 paper
Inca Rituals and Sacred Mountains
MO 67
Reinhard & Ceruti
$75 cloth
$45 paper
Gallinazo: An Early Cultural Tradition on the Peruvian North Coast
MO 66
Millaire & Morlion
$95 cloth 
$55 paper
Settlement and Subsistence in Early Formative Soconusco
MO 65
Richard Lesure
$85 cloth 
$55 paper
The South American Camelids
MO 64
Duccio Bonavia
$110 cloth 
$75 paper
Andean Civilization: A Tribute to Michael E Moseley
MO 63
Marcus & Williams
$80 cloth
$44.95 paper
Excavations at Cerro Azul, Peru: The Architecture and Pottery MO 62 Joyce Marcus $89.95 cloth 
$55 paper
Chavín: Art, Architecture, and Culture MO 61 Conklin & Quilter
$80 cloth
$50 paper
Rethinking Mycenaean Palaces II MO 60 Galaty & Parkinson
$14.98 cloth
$9.98 paper
Moche Tombs at Dos Cabezas MO 59 Christopher B. Donnan $19.98 cloth
$14.98 paper
Moche Fineline Painting From San José de Moro MO 58 McClelland, McClelland, & Donnan
$19.98 cloth
$14.98 paper
Kasapata and the Archaic Period of the Cuzco Valley MO 57 Brian S. Bauer $14.98 cloth
$9.98 paper
Berenike 1999/2000 MO 56 Sidebotham & Wendrich
$14.98 cloth
$9.98 paper
Roman Foodprints at Berenike: Archaeobotanical Evidence of Subsistence and Trade in the Eastern Desert of Egypt MO 55 René T.J. Cappers $14.98 cloth
$9.98 paper
Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology-1 MO 54 Stanish, Cohen, & Aldenderfer
$14.98 cloth
$9.98 paper
Us and Them: Archaeology and Ethnicity in the Andes MO 53 Richard Martin Reycraft $9.98
Archaeological Research on the Islands of the Sun and Moon, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia: Final Results from the Proyecto Tiksi Kjarka MO 52 Stanish & Bauer
Maya Zooarchaeology: New Directions in Theory and Method MO 51 Kitty F. Emery
Settlement Archaeology and Political Economy at Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Mexico MO 50 Christopher A. Pool $7.98
Perspectives on Ancient Maya Rural Complexity MO 49 Iannone & Connell $9.98
Yeki bud, yeki nabud MO 48 Miller & Abdi $19.98
Archaeology in the Borderlands MO 47 Smith & Rubinson $14.98
Domestic Ritual in Ancient Mesoamerica MO 46 Patricia Plunket $9.98
Pathways to Prismatic Blades MO 45 Hirth & Andrews
Ceramic Production and Circulation in the Greater Southwest MO 44 Glowaki & Neff
Ceramics of Postclassic Cholula, Mexico: Typology and Seriation of Pottery from the UA-1 Domestic Compound MO 43 Geoffrey G. McCafferty $9.98
Pompeian Households MO 42 Penelope M. Allison $45
Prehistory of Agriculture MO 40 Patricia C. Anderson OUT OF PRINT
Recent Advances in the Archaeology of the Northern Andes MO 39 Oyuela-Caycedo & Raymond $32
Hawaiian Adze Production and Distribution MO 37 Barbara Lass $7.98
Pottery of Prehistoric Honduras MO 35 Henderson & Beaudry-Corbett
Girikihaciyan MO 33 Watson &  LeBlanc OUT OF PRINT
Western Pomo Prehistory: Excavations at Albion Head, Nightbirds' Retreat, and Three Chop Village, Mendocino County, California MO 32 Thomas N. Layton OUT OF PRINT
Archaeology of the Three Springs Valley, California MO 30 Dillon & Boxt


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