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Classic Maya Political Ecology

by Evangeline last modified October 03, 2013 11:39 AM

Classic Maya Political Ecology

Edited by Jon C. Lohse

Classic Maya Political Ecology Cover

ISBN: 978-1-931745-70-3

Publication Date: February 2013

Series: Ideas, Debates, and Perspectives 6

Price: US $67.00

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This volume presents a collection of studies that examine from different perspectives, representing both households and site centers, local and regional political processes in northwestern Belize. Data spanning the Archaic to Early Postclassic are presented, with particular analytical focus given to the end of the Early Classic through the Late and Terminal Classic and the geopolitical tumult that defined this period. Cast in the framework of political ecology, together these studies not only shed light on specific class histories of the region. They also advance a theory for understanding the contributions of non-elites to political growth and change over time. 

Classic Maya Political Ecology opens a window into pre-Columbian political processes grounded in environmental productivity and a mutual interdependence that defined class relations in northwestern Belize. This volume also outlines a theoretical approach that defines commoners and elites alike as political actors, people who contributed to the long term success and adaptability of local and regional political communities and the networks that sustained them.



Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 - Classic Maya Political Ecology, Class Histories, and Political Change in Northwestern Belize by Jon C. Lohse
  • Chapter 2 - Northwestern Belize and the Central Lowland Classic World by Brett A. Houk and Jon C. Lohse
  • Chapter 3 - Landscape Formation and Agriculture in the Wetlands of Northwestern Belize by Timothy P. Beach, Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach, and Jon C. Lohse
  • Chapter 4 - Transforming Identities and Shifting Goods: Tracking Sociopolitical Change through the Monumental Architecture and Ceramic Assemblages at Blue Creek by W. David Driver and Laura J. Kosakowsky
  • Chapter 5 - The Ball Game, Community Ceremony, and Political Development in Northwestern Belize by Jon C. Lohse, Kerry L. Sagebiel, and Joanne P. Baron
  • Chapter 6 - Pots and Politics: Classic Maya Ceramic Production, Exchange, and Political Ecology in Northwestern Belize by Laura J. Kosakowsky, Jon C. Lohse, Nicole C. Little, and Robert J. Speakman
  • Chapter 7 - Rural Settlement, Landscape Roles, and Political Change during the Classic Era in Northwestern Belize by Jason J. González
  • Chapter 8 - Hinterland Diversity and Ancient Maya Political Economy in Northwestern Belize by Sarah C. Clayton
  • Chapter 9 - Enduring the Collapse: Postclassic Occupation at Akab Muclil by Antonio E. Padilla, Molly Morgan, and Kerry L. Sagebiel
  • Chapter 10 - Recap: Four Reasons for Rationality by Scott R. Hutson


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