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Student's Guide to Archaeological Illustrating

by Amanda Kimura last modified November 28, 2012 02:49 PM
Student's Guide to Archaeological Illustrating

Student's Guide to Archaeological Illustrating

Brian D. Dillon, Editor

This guide is intended for beginning students as well as for professional archaeologists who have hitherto omitted drawings from their reports or engaged the services of non-archaeological artists. In the following pages we suggest that an education in art techniques or in drafting is not a necessary prerequisite to making competent archaeological illustrations, nor is inherited artistic talent or a wide array of expensive tools. All that is required for the production of publishable drawings is an understanding of the subject matter (be it projectile point, a potsherd, or a parade ground), a few simple tools, a steady hand, and most of all, patience. We hope to demonstrate that one need not be a prodigy to produce good archaeological drawings. The recommendations and prescriptions learned through trial and error, and the skills, tricks and methods described herein can be mastered by anyone.

A new, revised manual of archaeological illustrating, largely written by and for students, intended to aid the archaeologist with no formal training in art or drafting. Discussed under separate sections are basic tools and techniques, the rendering of maps, architectural floor plans and reconstructions, stratigraphic sections, relief monuments, ceramics, ceramic figurines, lithic artifacts, burials, artifacts of shell and bone, and illustrating from photographs.

Subjects: Method & Theory, illustrating, drawing, architectural floorplans, ceramic illustration, reconstruction drawings, drawing stone artifacts, burial illustration, map making, relief monuments

ISBN: 0-917956-38-9

Publication Date: 1985

Series: Archaeological Research Tools 1

Publisher: Cotsen Institute of Archaeology


This title is out of print. 
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