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Michael Harrower

Ph.D., Ohio State University, 2006

Office: 310-206-1390
Fax: 310-206-4723
E-mail: mharrower@ucla.edu

Mailing Address:

Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
308 Charles E Young Dr. North
A210 Fowler Building/Box 951510
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1510

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Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests

Long-term social change from the beginnings of agriculture through the rise and decline of ancient states across Southern Arabia and the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Yemen, Oman), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping, satellite remote sensing, ethnoarchaeology, ancient irrigation.

Selected Publications

Harrower, M., J. McCorriston, A.C. D'Andrea (in press) General/Specific, Local/Global: Comparing Transitions to Agriculture in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia/Eritrea) and Southwest Arabia (Yemen). American Antiquity

Harrower, M. (2010) Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Hydrological Modeling in Archaeology: An Example from the Origins of Irrigation in Southwest Arabia (Yemen). Journal of Archaeological Science 37(7): 1447-1452.

Harrower, M. 2009 Is the hydraulic hypothesis dead yet? Irrigation and social change in ancient Yemen. World Archaeology 41(1): 58-72.

Harrower, M. 2008 Hydrology, Ideology and the Origins of Irrigation in Ancient Southwest Arabia (Yemen). Current Anthropology 49(3): 497-510.

Harrower, M. 2008 Mapping and Dating Incipient Irrigation in Wadi Sana, Hadramawt (Yemen). Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 38: 187-202.

D'Andrea, A.C., A. Manzo, M. Harrower, and A. Hawkins 2008 Pre-Aksumite and Aksumite Settlement of Eastern Tigrai, Ethiopia. Journal of Field Archaeology 33(2): 151-176.

McCorriston, J., M. Harrower, E.A. Oches, Abdalaziz Bin ‘Aqil 2005 Foraging economies and population in the Middle Holocene highlands of southern Yemen. Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies 35: 143-154.

McCorriston, J. and M. Harrower 2005 Annales history, Geographic Information Systems, and the analysis of landscape in Hadramawt, Yemen. In Temps et Espaces de l’Homme en Société, Analyses et Modèles Spatiaux en Archéologie, eds. J.-F. Berger, F. Bertoncello, and F. Braemer pp. 31-41, Éditions APDCA, Antibes.

Harrower, M., J. McCorriston and E.A. Oches 2002 Mapping the Roots of Agriculture in Southern Arabia: The Application of Satellite Remote Sensing, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) Technologies. Archaeological Prospection 9: 35-42.


"Origins and Development of Tribal Social Identities and Territorial Behaviors in Ancient Southern Arabia" 2006-2009 (with Joy McCorriston, Prem Goel, and Dorota Brzezinska) National Science Foundation, Human Social Dynamics Program.

"Early State Formation in Northern Ethiopia" 2007-2009 (with Catherine D'Andrea) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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