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Vanessa Muros

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Name: Vanessa Muros muros-pambamarca.jpg
Title: Conservation Specialist & Lecturer, UCLA/Getty Conservation Program

Office: A210 Fowler
Phone: (310) 825-9407
Fax: (310) 206-4723
E-mail: vmuros@ucla.edu
Website: ucla.academia.edu/VanessaMuros


Mailing Address:
Vanessa Muros
UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology
Box 951510, A210 Fowler
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1510


Curriculum Vitae

Vanessa Muros received a BA in Archaeology from Boston University and an MA in Archaeology from University College London.  She then pursued a graduate degree in art conservation at University College London specializing in the conservation of archaeological and ethnographic objects.  During her conservation graduate studies she interned in the Metals Conservation Section at the British Museum and worked as a conservator on sites in Jordan and Turkey.  After graduating, she was awarded the Andrew W. Mellon Conservation Fellowship in Objects Conservation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  She then went on to work as Assistant Conservator at the Oriental Institute Museum at the University of Chicago in 2000.  In 2005, she accepted a position with the UCLA/Getty Conservation Program where she is currently a lecturer and manager of the conservation training lab.  While at UCLA, she has continued to undertake a range of conservation treatments and conduct research, in addition to working as a conservator on field projects in Albania, Ecuador, Greece, Belize and Tunisia.  

Research Interests

Deterioration of archaeological objects, in-situ and post excavation; archaeological conservation; conservation education; the use of social media for conservation education and outreach.


Current Research Projects

  • Archaeometallurgical study of late Bronze Age/early Iron Age bronzes from Lofkend (Albania) 
  • Characterization of glass beads from Lofkend with a focus on identifying raw materials used and the causes of the deterioration observed 
  • Dye analysis of pre-Colombian textiles from the site of Huaca Malena (Peru) 
  • pXRF analysis of metallic and glass artifacts from the site of Methone (Greece) 
  • Study of pre-Incan and Incan ceramics from the Pambamarca region (Ecuador) using pXRF

Selected Publications

  • Muros, V. and J. Hirx. 2004. A study in the use of cyclododecane as a temporary barrier for water-sensitive ink on archaeological ceramics during desalination. Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 43: 2, 75-89. [PDF]
  • Muros, V., V. Parry, and A. Whyte, 2002. Conservation research projects. News and Notes, Quarterly Publication of the Oriental Institute. No. 175 (Fall), 1-8. [PDF]
  • Muros, V., S. Warmlander, D. A. Scott and J. M. Theile. 2007. Characterization of 17th-19th century metal threads from the colonial Andes. Journal of the American Institute for Conservation 46:3, 229-244. [PDF]
  • Whyte, A, Muros, V. and Barack, S. 2004. "Brick by Brick": Piecing together an 8th century BC facade from Iraq. Objects Specialty Group Postprints, 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Institute for Conservation, June 10-14, Portland, OR. Washington D.C.: AIC, 172-189. [PDF]


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