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Kathryn Chew

M.A. Archaeology 2013, UCLA. Thesis: "Memory in the Making: The Diachronic Tensions of Architecture and Archaism in Third Intermediate Period Asasif".

Office: A316
Fax: 310-206-4723
E-mail: chewk@ucla.edu


IDP; Egyptology, Digital Humanities

Research Interests

Landscape Archaeology, Phenomenology, Memory, 3D Digital Modeling, Photogrammetric Modeling, Digital Humanities, Archaeological Media Presence & Interactivity


Summer scholar in the 2013 NEH Summer Institute "Humanities Heritage 3D Visualization: Theory and Practice"

Member of the inaugural cohort of UCLA's Digital Humanities Graduate Certification Program

Published Illustrations:
Figures 1 & 4 in: Posnansky, Merrick. "Digging through Twentieth-Century Rubbish at Hani, Ghana." Historical Archaeology, 2013, 47(2):65-76. (FORTHCOMING)

Figures 1 & 3 in: Posnansky, Merrick. "Evolving Holistic Approaches to the Quaternary in East Africa". Backdirt: Annual Review of the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology at UCLA, 2013: 78-87. (FORTHCOMING)

Courses Taught
Fall 2011: TA, AN N EA/HIST 103A - Ancient Egyptian Civilization
Winter 2012: TA, AN N EA/HIST 103B - Ancient Egyptian Civilization (Digital Humanities GE)

Grants and Awards

Summer 2013: UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award
2013:Steinmetz Travel Award for fieldwork in Egypt
2012 - 2013: UCLA Graduate Research Mentorship Yearlong Award
2012: Steinmetz Travel Award for fieldwork in Egypt
2012: Steinmetz Travel Award for fieldwork in Turkey
Summer 2012: UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award
2011: Steinmetz Travel Award for fieldwork in Egypt
2010 - 2014: Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship
June 2010 - August 2011: International Institute Recruitment Fellowship


Dr. Willeke Wendrich
Dr. Christopher Johanson

Conference Presentations

2013. Archaeology & Analytics: Tapping the Pulse of Social Media for Outreach, Education, and the Future of the Field. Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies 18, Vienna, Austria.

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