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Esmeralda Agolli

PhD Candidate - Dissertation Title: The Shaping of Social Complexity, Networks and Cultural Transmissions: Pottery from the Bronze and Iron Age Communities of Southern Illyria (2500 ? 500 BC)

Masters Thesis:
The Evolution of Household Pottery Production in the Iron Age Pottery of the Kamenicë Tumulus in Southeast Albania: Toward New Principles, Theories and Methodologies in Pottery Studies.

Fax: 310-206-4723
E-mail: alda.esmer@gmail.com, alda.agolli@ucla.edu


Economic Anthropology, Social Organization and Small World Interactions and Networks, Cultural Transmissions and Boundaries, Models of Evolution.

Research Interests

Pottery Technologies and Distribution in the Late Prehistoric Communities of the Balkan Region. Special focus on Albania. Comparative analysis on Kosovo, Macedonia, Epirus, Greece and Southern Italy.

Grants and Awards

Fulbright Full Grant. Graduate Studies Fellowship


John Papadopoulos
Sarah Morris
Charles Stanish
Cathy Costin

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