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Joseph (Seppi) W. Lehner

C.Phil 2011 Archaeology, University of California-Los Angeles

MA 2009 Archaeology, University of California-Los Angeles

BS 2006 Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Office: A316
Fax: 310-206-4723
E-mail: jwlehner@ucla.edu



Research Interests

Near East, Anatolia and Central Asia, economic anthropology, social history of technology and economy, network structure, large political systems, archaeological sciences


My research focuses on the ways large urban centers function economically and how particular social institutions within urban centers influence the flow of material goods. For this purpose I am working primarily at two large sites in Central Anatolia, namely Bogazkoy - Hattusa and Kerkenes Dag. As a proxy for economic and social processes, I focus on metal materials and technologies.

The remains of a massive city on the mountain of Kerkenes Dag is perhaps the largest pre-Hellenistic site in Anatolia. Built and destroyed within three generations during the 7th-6th centuries BC, this 270+ hectare city is surrounded by 7.5 kms of monumental stone fortifications. Current research leaves several reasons to suspect that this ancient city is Pteria mentioned by Herodotus. Subsurface survey has revealed the entire city plan and has allowed for targeted excavation of select areas within the city. This project is a collaboration of the Middle Eastern Technical University in Ankara and the University of Chicago Oriental Institute.

More than a thousand years before the construction of Kerkenes Dag some 50 kms away, the Hittites situated their ceremonial capital of Hattusa at the site of Bogazkoy. Excavations have taken place here since the late 19th century and since 1931 research here has been continuously sponsored by the Deutsches Archaologisches Institut (German Archaeological Institute). Bogazkoy-Hattusa is one of nine sites in Turkey that are enlisted to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

I am also working on a collaboration with Prof. Fikri Kulakoglu of Ankara University and Prof. Levent Atici of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas at Kultepe-Kanesh, the site of a major urban center during the Anatolian Early and Middle Bronze Ages ca. 2300 - 1750 BC.

I worked at other sites in Turkey, including the University of Toronto excavations at Iron Age Tell Tayinat and the University of Manchester / UCLA project at Ceramic Neolithic / Halaf site of Domuztepe.

I have also participated on excavations with Profs. Monica Smith (UCLA) and Rabindra Kumar Mohanty (Deccan College, Pune, India) on their project at Sisupalgarh in Orissa, India. I worked briefly with the Theban Mapping Project in Cairo, Egypt in 2005 and on the Fayum Project with Prof. Willeke Wendrich (UCLA) in 2010.

Courses Taught
Spring 2009, TA Jerusalem: The Holy City
Fall 2008, TA Jerusalem: The Holy City
Fall 2011, TA Archaeology: Introduction
Winter 2012, TA Human Evolution


Lehner, J. and A. Yener. in press. Organization and Specialization of Early Mining and Metallurgy in Anatolia. In, B. Roberts and C. Thornton (eds.), Global Perspectives in Early Metallurgy. New York: Springer.

Lehner, J. 2012. A Preliminary Report on the Microstructure and Microanalysis of Metal from BoÄ?azkoy. Archaologischer Anzeiger 2011 pgs. 57-64. [ pdf ]

Lehner, J., A. Yener, J. Burton. 2009. Lead Isotope Analysis and Chemical Characterization of Metallic Residues of an Early Bronze Age Crucible from Goltepe Using ICP-MS. Turkiye Bilimler Akademisi Arkeoloji Dergisi (TUBA-AR). Turkish Academy of Sciences Journal of Archaeology. pgs. 165-174.
[ pdf ]

Published Abstracts
Lehner, J., and S. Prikhodko. 2010. Microstructure and Microanalysis of Metal Artifacts from Kerkenes DaÄ?, Central Turkey, ca. 600 B.C. Microscopy and Microanalysis 16: 1244-1245.
[ pdf ]

Articles - Public Outreach
Summers, G. F. Summers, S. Branting, S. Batalı-Tırpan, J. Lehner. 2012. Kerkenes 2010. Kazi Sonuçlari Toplantasi 33.

Lehner, J.W. 2012. Bogazkoy-Hattusa Metal Objelerin Metalografik ve Kompozisyon Analizi. Arkeometri Sonuçlari Toplantasi 29.

In, Summers, G. and F. Summers, ed. 2011. Kerkenes News 13 - 2010. Ankara: METU Press.
[ pdf ]

Summers, G., F. Summers, S. Branting, J. Lehner. 2010. The Kerkenes Project 2010. Anatolian Archaeology, British Institute at Ankara Research Reports 16: 26-28.
[ pdf ]

In, G. Summers and F. Summers, ed. 2010. Kerkenes News 12 - 2009. Ankara: METU Press.
[ pdf ]

Lehner, J. 2009. Metal and Landscape at a Short-lived Iron Age Urban Center in Anatolia: Recent Research at Kerkenes DaÄ?. Backdirt 2009: 92-97.
[ pdf ]

In, G. Summers and F. Summers, ed.. 2008. Kerkenes News 11 - 2008. Ankara: METU Press.
[ pdf ]

Towards a Better Understanding of Iron Age Metals Economy in Central Anatolia: A View From Kerkenes Dag. 2009 MA paper, UCLA.
[ pdf ]

The Rise of the Kussaran Dynasty in Central Anatolia. 2006 Honor's Thesis, UW-Madison.

Grants and Awards

2012-2013 German Chancellor Fellowship, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
2012 Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD) Research Grant (declined)
2010 Western Association of Graduate Schools and University Microfilms International Distinguished Master's Award, UCLA Nominee
2010 UCLA Graduate Research Year Mentorship
2010 Microscopy Society of America Presidential Student Award
2010 UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship
2009 Summer Research Fellowship from the UCLA Institute for Social Research for project "Using Archaeological Research to Understand Producer-Consumer Behavior"
2007-2008 Chancellor's Prize, UCLA
2007, 2008 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, Honorable Mention


Elizabeth Carter
David A. Scott
Charles Stanish
H. Craig Melchert

Conference Presentations

2012 Joseph Lehner. The Iron Age Capital of Kerkenes Dag in Central Anatolia, Turkey. UCLA Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Pizza Talk.
2012 Joseph Lehner. Metal Technology, Organization, and the Evolution of Long-Distance Trade in Anatolia. 2nd annual Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Graduate Student Conference, UCLA.
2011 Joseph Lehner. Bogazkoy-Hattusa Metal Objelerin Metalografik ve Kompozisyon Analizi / Metallographic and Compositional Analysis of Metal Objects from Bogazkoy-Hattusa. Arkeometri Sonuçlari Toplantasi, Malatya, Turkey.
2011 Joseph Lehner. Innovations in Technology and Political Economy During the Central Anatolian Iron Age. Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Sacramento, CA.
2010 Joseph Lehner. Towards an Understanding of Iron Age Metal Economy at Kerkenes Dag. American Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA.
2010 Joseph Lehner and Sergey Prikhodkho. Microstructure and Microanalysis of Metal Artifacts from Kerkenes Dag, Central Turkey, ca. 600 B.C. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2010, Portland, OR. Winner M&M Presidential Award. [ pdf }
2010 Joseph Lehner. Central Anatolian Iron Age Metal-Based Economy: A View From Kerkenes Dag. Poster presented at the 7th International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East. [ pdf ]
2009 Vanessa Muros, Joseph Lehner & Alma Bardho. The sampling of archaeological metals for lead isotope analysis using EDTA: A "minimally destructive" alternative. Poster presented at the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works Annual Meeting, Los Angeles. [ pdf ]
2008 Joseph Lehner. Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC
"Recent Research at Kerkenes Dag in Central Turkey," presented in March 2008 at "Ancient Cities in Turkey" session.

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