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Kuei-Chen Lin

C. Phil. in Archaeology, 2010, University of California, Los Angeles.
Ph.D. Topic: Social complexity and inter/regional interactions, exemplified by the Sichuan Basin, China of the Bronze Age.
MA, 2006, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.
Thesis Title: Rejoining Anyang oracle bones by using computer science methods.
MS-Computer Sciences, 2002, University of Southern California.

Fax: 310-206-4723
E-mail: kueichen@ucla.edu


Chinese Archaeology; Computational Archaeology

Research Interests

Computer applications in archaeology; Modeling and simulation; Archaeometry, Exchange networks; Complexity theory; History of science and technology; Southwestern China; Taiwan; Southeast Asia.


Dwight Read
Lothar Von Falkenhausen

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