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Charles Stanish - Publications

by Tyler Lawrence last modified December 17, 2012 02:51 PM

This page is under construction; more publications are forthcoming.



Joyce Marcus and Charles Stanish, editors.
     2006   Agricultural Strategies. Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press, Los Angeles.

Stanish, Charles, Amanda B. Cohen, and Mark S. Aldenderfer, editors.
     2005   Advances in the Archaeology of the Titicaca Basin-I. Cotsen Institute of
                Archaeology Press, Los Angeles. 

  • Table of Contents & Preface
  • Chapter 1 - Introduction to “Advances in Titicaca Basin Archaeology-1” by Charles Stanish and Amanda B. Cohen
  • Chapter 2 - Archaic Period Research in the Río Huenque Valley, Peru by Cynthia J. Klink
  • Chapter 3 - A Projectile Point Chronology for the South-Central Andean Highlands by Cynthia Klink and Mark Aldenderfer
  • Chapter 4 - Preceramic Period Settlement Patterns in the Huancané-Putina River Valley,
  • Northern Titicaca Basin, Peru by Lisa M. Cipolla
  • Chapter 5 - The Upper (Middle and Late) Formative in the Titicaca Region by Christine A. Hastorf
  • Chapter 6 - Pukara Influence on Isla Soto, Lake Titicaca, Peru by Joel Myres and Rolando Paredes
  • Chapter 7 - Tiwanaku Expansion into the Western Titicaca Basin, Peru by Charles Stanish, Kirk Lawrence Frye, Edmundo de la Vega, and Matthew T. Seddon
  • Chapter 8 - Excavations at Sillumocco-Huaquina by Edmundo de la Vega
  • Chapter 9 - The Tiwanaku Period Occupation on the Island of the Sun by Matthew T. Seddon
  • Chapter 10 - Residential Diversity and the Rise of Complexity in Tiwanaku by John W. Janusek
  • Chapter 11 - The Altiplano Period in the Titicaca Basin by Kirk L. Frye and Edmundo de la Vega
  • Chapter 12 - The Cave Burial from Molino-Chilacachi by Edmundo de la Vega, Kirk L. Frye, and Tiffiny Tung
  • Chapter 13 - The Inca Occupation of the Lake Titicaca Region by Kirk L. Frye
  • Chapter 14 - Inka Ceremonial Sites in the Southwest Titicaca Basin by Elizabeth Arkush
  • Chapter 15 - Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Carabaya Region, Peru by Lawrence S. Coben and Charles Stanish
  • Chapter 16 - Settlement Patterns, Administrative Boundaries, and Internal Migration in the Early Colonial Period by Matthew S. Bandy and John W. Janusek
  • Chapter 17 - Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Northern Titicaca Basin by Charles Stanish, Amanda B. Cohen, Edmundo de la Vega, Elizabeth Arkush, Cecilia Chávez, Aimée Plourde, and Carol Schultze
  • Chapter 18 - Future Directions in Titicaca Basin Research by Amanda B. Cohen
  • List of References


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     2004    Archaeological Research on the Islands of the Sun and Moon, Lake Titicaca
                 Bolivia: Final Results from the Proyecto Tiksi Kjarka
. Cotsen Institute of
                 Archaeology Press, Los Angeles.

Stanish, Charles.
     2003    Ancient Titicaca: The Evolution of Complex Society in Southern Peru and
                 Northern Bolivia
. University of California Press, Berkeley.

Bauer, Brian and Charles Stanish.
     2001    Ritual and Pilgrimage in the Ancient Andes. The Islands of the Sun and
. University of Texas Press, Austin.

Stanish, Charles, Edmundo de la Vega, Lee Steadman, Cecília Chávez J., Kirk Lawrence Frye, Luperio Onofre, Matthew Seddon, and Percy Calisaya Chuquimia.
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Rice, Don, Charles Stanish and Philip Scarr, editors
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Stanish, Charles and Lawrence S. Coben.
     2012   Barter Markets in the Pre-Hispanic Andes. In Merchants, Trade, and                             Exchange in the Pre-Columbian World, ed. by K. Hirth and J. Pillsbury, pp.                     421-436, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library, Washington DC.               

Stanish, Charles.
     2010    Measuring time, sacred space, and social place in the Inca Empire. In                          The Archaeology of Measurement, ed. by I. Morley and C. Renfrew, pp.                          216-228, Cambridge University Press.

Stanish, Charles.
     2009    The Evolution of Managerial Elites in Intermediate Societies. In                                   The Evolution of Leadership, ed. by K. Vaughn, J. Eerkens, and J.                                  Kanter, pp. 97-119, SAR, Santa Fe.

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, Edited by Tina Thurston and Christopher Fisher, pp. 125-139.
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Griffin, Art and Charles Stanish.
     2007    An agent-based model of prehistoric settlement patterns and political
                 consolidation in the Lake Titicaca Basin of Peru and Bolivia. Structure and
                 Dynamics: eJournal of Anthropological and Related Sciences
2(2), article 2.



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