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New book on South American camelids is released

by shauna — last modified February 10, 2009 03:52 PM

By Shauna Mecartea
Date: 2/10/09

New book on South American camelids is released

Book cover of volume.

The Cotsen Institute of Archaeology Press recently published The South American Camelids: An Expanded and Corrected Edition by Duccio Bonavia. Bonavia’s landmark study of the South American camelids is now available for the first time in English. 

In this book, Bonavia tackles major questions about camelids, from their domestication to their distribution at the time of the Spanish conquest. One of Bonavia’s hypotheses is that the arrival of the Europeans and their introduced Old World animals forced the Andean camelids away from the Pacific coast, creating the (mistaken) impression that camelids were exclusively high-altitude animals. Bonavia also addresses the diseases of camelids and their population density. This new edition features an updated analysis and comprehensive bibliography. 

This book, which is now available, will be of broad interest to archaeologists, zoologists, social anthropologists, ethnohistorians, and a wide range of students. For more information and to buy this book, click here.

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