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PIZZA TALK - "Adaptation and Resilience in the Outer Fertile Crescent"

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Rafi Greenburg, Associate Professor of Archaeology-Tel Aviv University

What Pizza Talk
When March 06, 2013
from 12:00 pm to 01:00 pm
Where Fowler Museum Building, Room A222
Contact Name Rachel Moy
Contact Email
Contact Phone 310-825-4169
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“Adaption and Resilience in the Outer Fertile Crescent: Tracking the Kura-Araxes Expansion in the 3rd-Millennium BCE."

One of the most remarkable phenomena of the early Bronze Age Near East is the expansion of small scale societies from the Kura and Araxes river basins in the south Caucasus to the very edges of the Fertile crescent, from Iran in the East to Aatolia and the Levant in the west. Tel Bet Yerah, in the Jordan Valley, marks the southernmost extension of this expansion. Recent work there, accompanied by collaborative comparative study of sites throughout the region (in Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Daghestan and Azerbaijan), has enabled us to gather new evidence on the nature of interaction between migrants and indigenes in the areas of expansion, and to identify the archaeological signature of early Bronze Age diasporas.

For further information on Tel Bet Yerah see http://www.tau.ac.il/humanities/archaeology/projects/betyerah/index.html


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