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Funding Student Research: Donors Making an Impact

by eric — last modified December 16, 2008 02:59 PM

By Shauna Mecartea
Date: 12/16/08

Charles Steinmetz, a long-time supporter of the Cotsen Institute, provides annual funding for archaeology students across the UCLA campus for research-related travel. In spring 2008, six students were awarded Steinmetz Research Travel Awards to participate on two major projects. Krystal Lords (NELC), Angela Susak (NELC), Emily Cole (NELC) and Anne Austin (Archaeology Program) received funding to join the UCLA/RUG Fayum Project in Egypt during Fall 2008 directed by Professor Willeke Wendrich. George Piece (NELC) and Kyle Keimer (NELC) received Steinmetz funding to participate in the Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project in Jaffa, Israel, directed by Professor Aaron Burke.

Students also received funding from the Friends of Archaeology (FoA), a group of Cotsen Institute supporters who have been funding graduate student research projects for over twenty years. This year, the following students were supported with generous funding from the FoA: Elizabeth Brite (Anthropology), excavations in Uzbekistan; Sonali Gupta-Agarwal (Archaeology Program), ceramic analysis for the UCLA/RUG Fayum Project, Egypt; Seth Pevnick (Archaeology Program), participation in the Lofkënd Archaeological Project, Albania, and study of European museum collections; Jennifer Rashidi (Archaeology Program), study of skeletal collections from Kish, Mesopotamia at the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, IL; Bethany Simpson (Archaeology Program), participation in the UCLA/RUG Fayum Project in Egypt; Lyssa Stapleton (Archaeology Program), participation in the Lofkënd Archaeological Project, Albania; and Jamie Aprile, data collection at the Nichoria Archives, University of Minnesota.

Additional support for summer research was provided for Anne Austin to attend the Arizona State University Archaeological Field School from Cotsen Institute funds and for Esmeralda Agolli to participate in the Lofkënd Archaeological Project, Albania, by Ms. Tania Norris.

Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate support were provided by Roger and Patty Civalleri and Tribal Learning Community & Educational Exchange at UCLA for the Pimu Island Archaeological Project on Catalina Island, directed by Wendy Teeter and Desireé Reneé Martinez. Additional funding for the Pimu project was provided by Harris Bass.

New financial support for graduate students will also be available through the Michael Gottesman Graduate Student Travel Award. The Cotsen Institute lost a long-time supporter when Michael Gottesman passed away in January 2008 at the age of 69. In Mike's memory, his wife Sonia Gottesman and several members of the Friends of Archaeology began a new fund to support conference activities for archaeology graduate students across the UCLA campus. The Cotsen Institute acknowledges this generous gift and thanks the Gottesmans for their many years of service and friendship to archaeology at UCLA.

Thank you for your generous support of archaeology graduate students at UCLA!

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