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Current Student Research

by Vanessa Muros last modified October 02, 2013 04:40 PM




Current Student Research

  • Brittany Dolph-Experimentation with and evaluation of ethyl silicate-based group formulations for potential application to weather and/or porous silicaceous stones.

  • Ayesha Fuentes-Technical Examination of Ritual Bone Ornament Ensemble from Himalayan Region with Notes on Treatment and Handling

  • Geneva Griswold-Treatment of a Tuscarora Headdress: Consultation and Material Selection

  • Caitlin Mahony-Examining two novel consolidants for the treatment of powdering leather suffering from the acidic deterioration commonly referred to as 'red rot'

  • Casey Mallinckrodt-The technical analysis of an ancient Egyptian/Ptolemaic sarcophagus lid from the collection of the San Diego Museum of Man

  • Madeleine Neiman-The alteration of Cinnabar in Archaeological Roman Wall Paintings

  • Alexis North-Biomimetic hydroxyapatite as a new inorganic consolidant for archaeological bone
  • Carinne Tzadik-Conservation, Analysis and Treatment of Jaina Figurines
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