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Soft Proofs for Review

by eric — last modified April 21, 2009 05:24 PM

Below are "soft proofs" of the 2009 issue of Backdirt in PDF format. Please take the time to review the relevant file and make sure that your content is presented accurately and completely.

All areas missing information have been indicated in the proof (example: photos without captions have a placeholder caption such as "insert caption here"). If there is any missing information in the content under your name, please send it to us as soon as possible.

We are accepting comments, corrections, etc. from now until Friday, May 1 2009.

All comments must be received by the end of the day on May 1 in order to be addressed. This is the absolute deadline for feedback of any sort.

All questions, comments, and corrections should be directed to Eric Gardner.

Soft Proofs:

Institute News (click to get file)


  1. Student News (Archaeology/Conservation)
  2. Creation of the UCLA Archaeology Field Program (Ran Boytner)
  3. Ancient Treasures in Modern Spaces: The New Acropolis Museum (Liz Klarich)
  4. Behind the Scenes Tour of Archaeology Collections (Liz Klarich)
  5. Conference on Soconusco Region (Richard Lesure)
  6. Annual Institute Open House (Helle Girey)
  7. Lloyd Cotsen Receives UCLA Medal (Shauna Mecartea)
  8. Christopher B. Donnan: A Treasure of the Cotsen Institute (Shauna Mecartea and Liz Klarich)
  9. Donnan Receives Trowel Award (Helle Girey)
  10. Graduate Student Travel Award Created in Honor of Longtime Volunteer (Elizabeth Klarich)
  11. Staff Achievements (Liz Klarich)
  12. Storage Symposium (Ellen Pearlstein)
  13. Field Notes

Profiles (click to get file)


  1. Kara Cooney Interview
  2. Li Min Interview
  3. Mike Harrower Interview
  4. Judy Porcasi Interview

Reflections on Research (click to get file)


  1. Conference on Peoples of the Eastern Desert (Barnard)
  2. 2008 Season at Tarapaca, Chile (Boytner)
  3. 2008 Report of Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project (Burke)
  4. Pambamarca Field Program (Connell/Gifford)
  5. Grotta Scaloria with an International Cast (Elster)
  6. Archaeological Gerrymandering (Harrower)
  7. Icon Art in the Making (Kakoulli/Fischer)
  8. Pukara Archaeological Project (Klarich)
  9. Restoring a Native American Feather Blanket (Pearlstein)
  10. Lofkend After Excavation (Morris/Papadopoulos)
  11. Reconciling with the Past (Posnansky)
  12. Surveying the Archaeology of the Petrified Forest (Schachner)
  13. Behind the Scenes at the LA NHM (Wise)


Features (click to get file)


  1. A Monumental Task on Easter Island (Van Tilburg/Pakarati)
  2. Easter Island Photo Essay (Civalleri)
  3. Archaeology of the Confucian Landscape (Li)
  4. Exploring Opportunities (Klarich/Mecartea)
  5. Empires of Diversity (Areshian)
  6. Metal & Landscape (Lehner)


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