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The deadline to submit your complete application for the 2014–2015 academic year is December 15, 2013.  Any undergraduate major may be considered for admission to the program. Applications are especially encouraged from students whose interests may form bridges among the humanities, social sciences and physical/biological sciences. Students should consider and demonstrate why they wish to pursue interdisciplinary training in archaeology at UCLA, and indicate the specific fields in which they plan to undertake research. Please note that we only admit students for the Ph.D., with the understanding that the student will earn the M.A. as a component of their studies (currently, within 2.3 calendar years). As the program requires all students to take a yearlong core seminar series starting in the Fall Quarter, we admit students only on an annual cycle; thus, attention to the application process is essential. The following documentation is required and must be submitted before your application can be reviewed:

  • Application for Graduate Admission
    Please visit Graduate Division to apply online.
  • Statement of Purpose
    The tone and content of the statement should be professional rather than autobiographical. Applicants should explain what prompted them to continue studies in this field and what kind of training and experience prepared them for the studies.
  • Plan of Study
    Each applicant is requested to submit a detailed plan of study that should include an outline of projected course work and a general indication of topics that the applicant would want to pursue for an M.A. and for the Ph.D. To learn about faculty research projects and more, visit our interactive research map.
  • Letters of Recommendation
    Three letters of recommendation are requested from individuals known to the applicant in a professional capacity. Usually this means faculty and research supervisors who would be able to assess the candidate’s suitability for graduate work. PLEASE NOTE: The on-line admissions application process will allow you to identify three recommenders. Your recommenders will receive an email link, which will allow them to upload the recommendation letter.  The Program will also accept recommendation letters,  with an original signature, by regular postal mail to this address:

    UCLA Interdepartmental Archaeology Graduate Program
    A148 Fowler
    Box 951510
    Los Angeles, CA 90095-1510
  • Sample of Scholarly Work
    Applicants must supply some evidence of previous research, which may be in Archaeology or in some other field relevant to the applicant’s interest in the Ph.D. program. This may be in the form an Honor’s thesis, one or more course papers, or publications. The admissions committee, consisting of AP faculty members, will assess the applicant’s writing skill as well as her/his ability to work with data and ideas in a creative, scholarly, ethical and scientific manner. Should the applicant be accepted to the program, this material will be retained in the student’s file here at UCLA.  PLEASE NOTE:  The Sample of Scholarly Work should be uploaded via the on-line admissions application process.  If your sample is quite large (over 2500KB), please upload the first page only, and send your sample by regular postal mail to the above address.
  • A General Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Report
    The results of the GRE (Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical) will serve as one of many parameters in determining the academic potential of applicants. Registration for the GRE is available online. (School Code: 4837, Dept. Code: 1702).
  • Official Transcripts
    An unofficial transcript may be uploaded via the on-line admissions application process, however, UCLA requires that the applicant provide official transcripts, to be sent by the issuing university in a sealed envelope.  If transcripts are not in English, then an authorized English translation must be provided.
  • TOEFL Scores (International applicants only)
    TOEFL exam is required of international applicants who have not received a degree from an institution in which English is a language of instruction and/or whose first language is not English. Registration for the TOEFL is available online. (Institution Code: 4837, Dept Code: 11).
  • Foreign Language Proficiency Survey
    Please complete the Foreign Language Proficiency SurveyPLEASE NOTE:  The Foreign Language Proficiency Survey should be uploaded via the on-line admissions application process as a supplemental document.  
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