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by carolinetam last modified January 12, 2015 02:28 PM
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It has been another banner year for the Cotsen Institute. As the end of the year approaches, it is nice to look back on 2014 as we prepare for the future. Our affiliated graduate programs in Archaeology and Conservation took in one of the most talented groups of young people ever.  We are now beyond competitive with our peer institutions in recruiting and signing up the best students in the world.  Our Ph.D. graduates are doing extremely well. Our research efforts push forward with projects on five continents. Our support from the community grows. We are all proud of these successes.

Special thanks go to Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett and Don Corbett for their generous contribution to the Archaeology Program graduate studies. Their substantial gift will endow support for women students in the graduate program in Archaeology.  Moreover, Marilyn and Don created a chair in Mesoamerican Studies that will provide funds for teaching and research in this field in perpetuity. It is another transformational gift. We likewise gratefully acknowledge Sonia Gottesman and her late husband, Mike, for the gracious endowment of a fund to support graduate student travel and research, which adds to the support from Charlie Steinmetz and Jeannie Kay. We thank the late Hal Adelson for his support of the Rock Art Archive.  Harris Bass, Bruce Hector, Joan Silsbee, Sara Chitjian and scores of others have helped us flourish over these years.  



The theme of this year’s Backdirt is the future.  Last year, we celebrated the Cotsen Institute’s fortieth birthday, and we looked back with satisfaction on our great accomplishments of the past.  We have always been forward-looking, and this year we see a great future ahead. Our staff is fantastic, the faculty are prominent in their fields, our students are the best, and our supporters are simply amazing.

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Charles Stanish
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

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